Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Patch With Trailer Announced

Necon announced, that Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies get an update in form of the Add-On „Into the Darkness“. This adds new maps and szenarios to the main game and both multiplayer, PvP- and PvE-Mode.

This Add-On will include the „Zombie Giant“-Mode in which players have to fight against huge bosses in the multiplayer-mode. This monsters are controlled by other players. To fight them players get new weapons like the drone stricke and the XT-300 Goliath Mech.

„Zombie Files“ is a new singleplayer-mode in which players have to use all weapons and gadgets they have. They also can use the new Stealth-Tactics.

In the new PvP-Mode „Zombie Darkness“, a team of players fights against a team of zombies. The day and night switch offers new tactics and Ein Tag-Nacht-Wechsel verschafft dabei jedem Team einen vorübergehenden advantages. This mode also adds new classes and skills.

This update also includes season four of the Zombie-Scenario which puts the story further. This also the new Co-Op map „Hellride“.

Enjoy the trailer.





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