EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS and 550 GS Power Supplies

EVGA has introduced the SuperNOVA 650 GS and 550 GS power supplies. These power supplies take the award-winning features of the new EVGA “GS” lineup and provide them at an extremely affordable price. The EVGA SuperNOVA 650 and 550 GS power supplies offer superior performance, Gold-rated efficiency, and are completely silent when under low loads (With ECO mode). Backed by a 5 year warranty and high-quality Japanese capacitors, these power supplies are the right choice for excellent efficiency, low noise levels, and incredible value.




  • Single +12V Rail – A single +12V rail offers the best power output, rail stability, and compatibility with the latest hardware. EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS/550 GS provide up to 54A / 45A respectively on a single rail!
  • LLC Resonant Circuit Layout – Full DC to DC, LLC resonant circuit design improves efficiency.
  • Fully Modular – Fully modular design allows every single cable to be removed from the power supply for ease of installation and removal. You can also leave off unnecessary cables to reduce case clutter and maximise case airflow.
  • NVIDIA SLI Ready – Run multiple NVIDIA graphics cards for the ultimate gaming experience. The SuperNOVA 650 GS/550 GS give you the power you need to drive these demanding systems and achieve the best overclocks.
  • Highest Quality Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con Solid State Capacitors – Get the most reliability and greatest performance with the use of the highest possible quality Japanese solid state capacitors.
  • Teflon Nano-Steel Bearing – High quality Teflon Nano-Steel bearing ensures long life and nearly silent operation.
  • Gold Rated Efficiency – 80 Plus certification ensures your power supply isn’t wasting power and turning it into excess heat. Under typical load this power supply is 90% (115VAC) / 92% (220VAC-240VAC) efficient or higher.


Learn more about the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS and 550 GS power supplies here: http://eu.evga.com/articles/00912/EVGA-SuperNOVA-650-550-GS-Power-Supplies/

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