Free Nightbanes Update Includes New Cards And New Raid

The collectible card game Nightbanes gets extended by a new region and new quests. What happened after the nuclear incident at the abandoned industrial complex? What abominations spawned this disaster? Collect lots of new cards and prepare for a battle against mutated monsters and demons from the plague plane!


On top of that the Darkcrawler cave will be added as a new raid. What threats are lurking in the cave of the dark woods? Download Nightbanes for free on Steam and find out for yourself! Concluding, a little selection of the swell new cards:


darkcrawlers_darkcrawler_ambush darkcrawlers_darkcrawler_driller darkcrawlers_darkcrawler_razorwing darkcrawlers_darkcrawler_sporebreeder drop_crystal_array



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