Incredible GTA V Panorama Photography

We found some unbelievable great GTA V panorama photography made by ILLSNAPMATIX. This is an exploration of virtual light: in-game photography created and curated by Karl Smith. For their pictures, they focusing on GTA V that runinng on Xbox One and PS4. According to the page, because of the “new high res graphics, lighting effects and expanded Snapmatic features (like dynamic focus) have spurred a resurgence of photographic incursions into Los Santos and Blaine County. ILLSNAPMATIX is a celebration of the people, places and things illuminated by the virtual light of Grand Theft Auto.” Watch some of the Images in the gallery below. They also made a fantastic video, that shows you Los Santos in a view, you have never seen before. You can find the video below the gallery. Enjoy it!

Thanks @punyweakling, Well Done!



Take also a look at other incredible GTA V photography here.


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