jadoRendr Xmas Giveaway 2017 #2



We love christmas and that’s why we start our 2nd traditional  jadoRendr Christmas Giveaway 2017! For the next weeks we’ll be giving away prizes to our fans in different giveaways. All you have to do is to start the giveaway by pushing the button below. After that you have answer the question RIGHT. After that you push the ‘Finish Quiz’-button. Then you have to enter your data and press the button ‘Finish Quiz’ again. REMEMBER, you only have 3 Minutes to do this ALL. By starting the Quiz you accept the terms of the Giveaway. Winner will be the one who answered most of the questions correctly and in the fastest time.


Our contest is sponsored by Aerosoft, Codemasters and System 3. Try to win:

  • a DIRT 4 Bag
  • 2 DIRT 4 Keychains
  • DIRT 4 for the XBox One
  • Constructor for the PS4
  • OMSI 2 for the PC
  • OMSI Add-On for the PC
  • and 5 packs of the Pokemon Card Game


For more about the games, please use the links: DIRT 4ConstructorOMSI.


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On December 28th 2017 we will announce the winners via EMail.

More jadoRendr giveaways coming soon.

Good luck!

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