Rumors About Batman: Arkham Knight Steelbook-Edition With Batmobile-DLC

Warner Bros. Games announced a ‘Special Steelbook Edition’ of the upcoming action game Batman: Arkham Knight, according to That could mean that in addition to this version players will be able to get the Standard-Version, the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition for consoles and the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition for console or PC. You can see both Collecter’s Editions on the Images.


BAKBatmanStatue BAKBatmobileEdition


According to the report, players will get with the Steelbook-Edition the game in a Steelbook which is also incl. in the Batmobile and and the Limited Edition, a special Batman Skin, the Prototype Batmobile DLC as a download. Exclusive for PlayStation 4 players this edition will iccl. the Scarecrow-Pakage.

Here again what you can get:

  • The main game
  • Steelbook
  • exclusive Batman-Skin
  • Scarecrow-Pack (Only for PlayStation 4)
  • DLC Prototype Batmobile


We think this is a good alternative for players who have not the money for the other Collecter’s Editions.

In a call with Warner Bros. Games they told us that they can not say anything about this. That means that it is a Rumor or will be officially announced soon.

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