Triviador Turns 5 Years Old

The story of Triviador began 9 years before its online debut, when THX Games released its first trivia game, Honfoglaló – a Hungarian-language trivia game played on a map of Hungary. It was a huge success, and has since become a household name in the country. The original core concept of Honfoglaló – to combine both knowledge and strategy in a massive multi-player online trivia game where players battle one another to take control of territories on a  map – is what has driven the success of the game and is still at the heart of the Triviador franchise.


In 2011, THX Games decided to expand beyond Europe and into the global arena. Triviador was published for the first time on Facebook with the release of Triviador World & Triviador Mundo (played on a world map in English & Spanish, respectively), as well as  Triviador USA & Triviador Argentina. This was immediately followed up in 2012 with the release of Bil ve Fethet (Turkish version) & Saif Almarifa (world map played in Arabic).


Honfoglaló (2004)
 Triviador (2011) Triviador (2013)

Triviador (2014) Triviador - Start Screen (2016) Triviador - Village (2016)


Today, Triviador has a total of 18 versions, including the latest additions of Triviador Spain, Triviador Polska, Triviador Russia, Triviador Brasil, and many more. Triviador games are available on 4 platforms:,Facebook, iOS & Android. Triviador has more than 2 million active players globally and approximately 8.5 million fans on Facebook. In 2012, Triviador was awarded Best Top 25 games on Facebook.


Triviador’s slow and steady climb as one of the world’s premier Trivia games is due it’s immense library of player-generated questions & it’s unique, community-based features, such as Clans, Chat rooms, League system, Rank Lists, Weekly Challenges, Tournaments, Question Factory & the ability to make new Friends in the game. What’s next for THX Games and the global Triviador franchise?


Name: Triviador

Developer: THX Games

Publisher: THX Games

Genre: Trivia, Strategy, Multiplayer

Platforms: Android,

Price: Free




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