Albion Online – Upcoming Hell Artifact Items Revealed

Hell will break loose with the next content update, as the developers are adding a multitude of Hell Artifact weapons, off-hand items and armor sets.  In order to get your hands on any of the items below, you will need to get the matching Hell Artifact Item. These can be obtained from Hellgates or by melding Artifact fragments.


So what can you expect from these new items? Here is an overview of all new Hell Artifact items, including their unique spells!




Spirit Hunter (Spear line)

This demonic Spear’s signature spell, Harpoon, throws your spear and pulls the first enemy you hit towards you.

Carving Sword (Sword line)

Use its signature spell, Fearless Strike, to dash towards a location and strike all enemies on your way, dealing damage to each enemy and slowing them. The slow strength depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

Soulscythe (Quarterstaff line)

This hell weapon brings back the Hurricane spell, which allows you to create a tornado and shoot it in a chosen direction.

Infernal Scythe (Axe line)

The Scythe is back! Reap your way through the crowd with this mighty weapon and its Bloody Reap spell.

Forge Hammers (Hammer line)

Hammer your soul away with these dual-handed Hammers! Use Giant Steps to turn yourself into a giant, increasing your armor and auto-attack damage.

Incubus Mace (Mace line)

This one-handed Mace has Shrinking Curse as its signature spell. Enemies hit by it will shrink in size and have their damage and heal power reduced.

Black Hands (Dagger line)

Punch an enemy in the stomach, stun them and push them away with the Black Hand’s Devastating Strike.

Boltcasters (Crossbow line)

Unleash hell upon your opponent with the Boltcasters channel spell, Deathward Climax, dealing more damage with every hit.

Wailing Bow (Bow line)

Fire a giant Demonic Arrow that pierces through enemies. For every enemy hit, you will heal and have your damage temporarily increased.

Brimstone Staff (Fire Staff line)

Use this demonic Fire Staff to summon a Meteor upon your enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Fallen Staff (Holy Staff line)

The Fallen Staff brings back the Salvation spell, creating an Area of Effect that will heal and cleanse allies once charged up.

Occult Staff (Arcane Staff line)

Using the Occult Staff’s Time Corridor spell, you can create a path that manipulates time. Allies will move faster in the corridor, while enemies will be slowed and take damage.

Icicle Staff (Frost staff line)

The Icicle Staff’s signature spell, Frozen Hell, creates a frost zone which slows and damages enemies.

Cursed Skull (Cursed staff line)

Channel the power of this hellish skull to summon the souls of fallen adventures in an Area of Effect around you. Enemies hit will receive magical damage per second, and hostile player characters will receive 3% of their total health as damage on top.

Blight Staff (Nature Staff line)

The Blight Staff’s signature spell, Ruthless Nature, allows you to channel demonic healing powers. While you are channeling, allies around you will be healed and reflect damage back to their attackers.




Muisak (Tome line)

Hold this shrunken demonic head in your hand and you will gain both physical and magical ability power!

Leering Cane (Torch line)

This freaky looking jester cane will increase your Crowd Control duration versus players and mobs.

Caitiff Shield (Shield line)

Equip this black, demonic shield to increase your defense and Crowd Control duration against players and mobs, as well as your overall threat generation.


Armor Sets


Fiend Set (Cloth Armor line)

Purge your enemies of their buffs, make them flee from you with Fiend Aura and blink away with Raging Blink.

Hellion Set (Leather Armor line)

Use the Hellion set to hide from your enemies with Smokebomb, buff yourself for the kill with Obsessive Burst and get out of dangers with Evasive Jump.

Demon Set (Plate Armor line)

With the Demonic set you can silence your enemies using Hush, drain their energy with Energy Drain, and use Inspiring Charge to protect yourself and your allies from damage and Crowd Control.

What do you think of the new Hell Artifact items? Which one can’t you wait to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below!




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