Battlefield 4 Night-Maps & Update Details

While the world is looking on the upcoming Battlefield Hardline game and every Battlefield fan is exciting about the upcoming Beta, Dice released some details about their upcoming patch for Battlefield 4. Who speak german can take a look at a video of YouTuber Mashed8 and also take a look at There you can see a resume of the upcoming update, which is sheduled to launch in March 2015.

The biggest improvement is that you get a more flexible HUD. It will be possible to change the color of the tanks displays layout and the color of laser sights. You will also be able to change the results display. Players can now choose e.g. a different color for hits in the head and another one for normal hits.

According to the links you see above, DICE working on the Netcode and the collision detection, too. The developers also working on the Heli-physics.

We also got some news about the upcoming Night-Maps. You can see some screenshots below this report. The Zavod and the Siege of Shanghai map are confirmed as Night-Maps until now. The lastest one will be playable on the CTE-Servers soon. The devs also changed the the layout: The Lifts are now out of order, Flag C is now in the ground floor. They also removed the Levolution of the building. Rumors says, that there will be a total Blackout which turns all lights of in Shanghai.

They will also remove all Helis in the nightversion of this map to make roofs unusable. There will be more tanks for both sides instead. Players will also be able to shoot lights out. For everybody who would like to play Battlefield in a Splinter Cell way, you will get you chance on the CTE-Servers soon. Comment below the gallery.




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