Battlefield Hardline Crosshair Mode Revealed

According to IGN, Battlefield Hardline will invl. the Crosshair multiplayer mode. IGN also writes, “Crosshair focuses down, amps up the difficulty, and puts everyone at a high level of risk. Nobody respawns when they’re killed, and it makes either hunting or rescuing a VIP that much more challenging. Two teams of five face off in standard shooter style. Cops and criminals load up with weapons and gadgets, spawn opposite each other on a map, and attempt to wipe out the other team as quickly as possible – Crosshair’s three-minute timer forces the teams’ hands in that way. Amid all this, a player-controlled VIP has to extract at one of two designated points.”

Watch the IGN video below, where they explain and show the Crosshair mode. Enjoy.

Thanks to IGN.



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