Caseking producing League of Legends Gaming-Talk-Show

Caseking presents “Confessions of a Gamer” – a League of Legends Gaming-Talk-Show powered by MSI from the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Bootcamp Berlin!


Caseking, NVIDIA and MSI want to produce a Gaming-Talk-Show called “Confessions of a Gamer”. In this show they they want to talk about eSport. Axelle ‘Mizuni’ Jamous and Stefan ‘Slame’ Krumme will moderate the broadcast from the NVIDIA & Caseking GeForce GTX Bootcamp powered by MSI in Berlin-Charlottenburg. This show want to take the viewers on a tour through themes of the League of Legends-Universe. They want to show news, interview the LoL-Community, analyze tactics and talk about hardware.


The bootcamp participants train on the following hardware. Click on the name to know more:


CK Phenom Recoil Reloaded – SFF NVIDIA Edition

CK Phenom Recoil Reloaded (1)


CK Express System Gaming Enthusiast



The known Team Roccat, H2K-Gaming, SK Gaming and Team GIANTS will visit the Bootcamp.


The CS:GO Team Caseking:

Manuel “mnL” Oberlein (Captain)

[Interview on monday – broadcast on wednesday the  March 04th 2015]

Christian “reamux” Wolf

Tom “TomseN” Meyer

Sascha “xs1ck” Diehm

Eduard “faker” Kehl


Das LoL Team Caseking:

Lenny “VcomFan” Uytterhoeven (Toplane)

Sander “Kitty” Everink (AD Carry)

Admir “Trowen” Spahic (Jungle)

Sebastian “Sebeks” Smejkal (Mid)

Daniel “Wendelb0? Wendelbo (Support)

Michael “Michai” Schorr (Team Manager)


Confessions of a Gamer Facts :


Broadcast: Weekly multiple formats

Place: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Bootcamp in Berlin-Charlottenburg



CoaG – Gaming-Talk-Show (e.g. Interviews with Boot Camp participants)

CoaG – Tech Talk (Hardware presentations and discussions)

CoaG – Tactic Session (Analyzes and strategies with H2K Gaming’s “pr0lly”)

CoaG – 1on1 (Interviews with eSportStars from the Boot Camp)


The program starts on Friday the February 27. Take a look at the List below.


Program Preview:

Friday, 02/27/2015 – 13:00 clock: video teaser for the introduction of “Confessions of a Gamer” series

Saturday, 08/28/2015 – 13:00 clock: “COAG – Tactic Session” with H2K Gaming “pr0lly”

Monday, 02/03/2015 – 13:00 clock: “COAG – Tech Talk!” with H2K Gaming “Kasing”

Tuesday, 03/03/2015 – 13:00 clock: “COAG – Gaming Talk Show” with Boot Camp Team

Wednesday, 04/03/2015 – 13:00 clock: “COAG – 1on1 interview” with “mnL”

Thursday, 03/05/2015 – 13:00 clock: “COAG – Gaming Talk Show” with Boot Camp Team


You can also try to win a CK Phenom Recoil Reloaded Gaming PC. Just follow the Link:





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