Castle Benrath Coming to ANNO ONLINE

Ubisoft and Blue Byte announced a special event for the  werden zum Valentine’s Day. This event coming for the browser game ANNO Online February on 10. until the 17th.

Players will be able to giveaway presents to each other. Blue Byte also will release the castle Benrath which looks like the real one in Duesseldorf, Germany. And we know that building very well, because our main office is in the same city like Blue Byte.

For more about the real one, take a look here:
For more about ANNO Online, visit the website:


AO_Valentine2015_MaisonDePlaisance Blick_auf_die_S__dseite_des_Corps_de_Logis__c__Stiftung_Schloss_und_Park_Benrath__Fotograf_Werner_Buschfeld_small Valentines_Mansion



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