DayZ – New Loot-System

In the latest blog entry , producer Brian Hicks, talks about the upcoming new loot system in DayZ.

“The subject of the central economy has been one of varied opinions within the community. The idea of centralized control over both rare items, and quantity control over more common items of loot is very polarizing. As we look towards the remaining months left in 2014, the team has been discussing our intended goals and level of functionality desired from the loot spawning system, and the central hives’ control over it. As the current behavior for the spawning and respawning of loot is a placeholder system and the limits of this form are very visible when observing the current behavior on experimental branch servers we have outlined the following goals for the final functionality with the programming, and design teams:

  • Control over quantity per server instance for rare / high value items (Eg: M4A1, SVD, etc)
  • Loot table control per region/area type rather than per building class name
  • Even distribution of loot economy across the whole of Chernarus

As work moves forward on deploying the intended functionality into loot spawning/respawning, server side stats analysis will allow fine adjustments to the system to be made, and experimental branch updates on a weekly basis will allow us to iterate, and volume/stress test against a large user base. Status reports throughout the remainder of the year will keep people apprised on the progress of this new system.” Brian Hicks

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