Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes celebrate Halloween

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes celebrate Halloween. Avalanche Software has released „Haunted Mansion”-Toyboxes. Players can also download the winners of the “Haunted Mansion Challenge” for Toy Box creations:

Lord Nochi, A Halloween Tale: Lord Nocchi was an old scientist who loved pumpkins. One day there was an accident in his mansion while experimenting with pumpkins and he disappeared… It is Halloween and you must check how much truth there is to this story. Created by Erdadi3.

Mystery of the Haunted Mansion: Deep in the bayou lies an old mansion. Explore it to find why children are missing from the local village. Find tomes and chests to help. Inspired by the original Haunted Mansion ride script. Created by Vasuri83.

Haunted Manor: A princess is locked in a haunted manor. Are you brave enough to help her? Created by xdsmmatx.

Doom Buggy Bash: Race your way through the Haunted Mansion, but make sure no hitchhiking ghost beats you to the finish. Created by InfiniFan1927.

Foolish Mortals: Join your favorite ghosts and stop Oogie Boogie from taking over the world. Hunt pumpkins, solve puzzles and stop Oogie’s army. Created by CCRunner.


DI2_Halloween_Toybox_01 DI2_Halloween_Toybox_03 DI2_Halloween_Toybox_04

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