Gaya Entertainment Released The Lemmings Plush

Gaya Entertainment released their Lemmings Plush’. “The video game originally developed by DMA Design features more than 14 different editions since the first Lemmings was published in 1991. After Team 17 and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe jumping on the Lemmings train, we are proud to do the same. For the huge Lemmings fanbase and the ever-growing Retro fanbase we manufactured a high-quality plush which is cute and cuddly. “Gaya Entertainment proudly presents the green-haired Lemming from the same named video game classic Lemmings. This cute and cudly plush is about 22cm tall and features a sound chip that plays all the iconic sounds from the video game, including the famous “OH NO!”.Batteries included, according to the website. Hope you can get it at your Merch Dealer soon.

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