Grand Theft Auto V Online – New Images & Details

Take a look at some new Grand Theft Auto V Online images in the gallery below. Rockstar also confirmed that over 120 new props will be added to the Creator tools for people who want to create their own content. In addition, Rockstar has doubled the amount of props that can be used in created matches. GTA Online matches will feature an increased player count to 30 users with an additional two spectators. Also a “completely overhauled” character creator that will offer a “greater range of customization.”


The new first-person mode for GTA V will apply to GTA Online. Rockstar said also that vehicles and weapons introduced to GTA Online so far through updates to theXbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be available in GTA V’s story mode on Xbox One, PS4, and PC at launch.


Check out all the new GTA Online images in the gallery below. Be sure to click the thumbnails to see a full-size version.


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