GTA 5 – Heist DLC & DualShock 4 features

GTA 5 Heist DLC


Rockstar official told Gamesreactor Germany that the Heist DLC will be coming “shortly after the launch of the game”. The PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA 5 coming November 18, for PC January 27. 2015. That’s still not a very official release date and the only thing we can do is to hope the best. What do you think? Comment below.


DualShock 4 features


The PlayStation 4 version of upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will include its own unique and exclusive functionality in the form of special DualShock 4 features. Gizmodo recently got to play the game on PS4 and shed some light on the new features, listed below.

  • Access GTA Online’s interaction menu by holding the DualShock 4’s touch-pad
  • Phone calls and police radio sounds will emit from the DualShock 4’s speaker
  • Swipe the touch-pad up or down to change weapons
  • Swipe the touch-pad left or right to change the radio station
  • The DualShock 4 light bar will flash red and blue when you have a Wanted level

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