GTA 5 – PC gets 4k support and first person mode

According to CVG’s latest  hands-on account GTA 5 will run at 4K resolution on PC, and all ‘next gen’ versions of the game will include a fully-supported first person mode, complete with modeled car interiors and proper first-person shooting. Check out the first footage (trailer and gallery below) of the new first person mode available exclusively in the new versions of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Thanks to GVC.

Rockstar also confirmed more details about GTA V’s first-person mode today:

  • Only available in Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions
  • Available with single button press, letting you switch between third- and first-person
  • Includes first-person cover system
  • Introduces new targeting system
  • Will feature a more traditional FPS control scheme
  • Thousands of new animations
  • First-person mode will be available in both GTA V and GTA Online




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