Oculus Announcing the Mobile VR Jam 2015 Winners

More than 1000 developers from around the world participated in the Mobile VR Jam 2015, competing for over $1,000,000 in prizes. After four weeks of tireless development, the judges have selected the top submissions from over 300 innovative projects.

Oculus introduced the 27 winners of the Mobile VR Jam 2015. Congratulations from jadoRendr Team! Here are the winners:



Platinum Game: $200,000

SteamCrew VR

Submission and Build

In SteamCrew VR, you and a friend cooperate to pilot a steampunk submarine through dangerous waters. Find someone in your community with a second Gear VR to join up on the same wifi network, and be ready to holler “guns aimed”, “slow down, that’s a rock!”, and of course, “FIRE TORPEDO”! It’s a hilariously good time that highlights just how great VR can be when immersed in a new world with friends.

Platinum App or Experience: $100,000 and Community’s Choice App or Experience: $10,000

The Night Cafe

An Immersive Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

Submission and Build

Walk into a world that only van Gogh could have inspired. Exploring this space took our breath away (quite literally), and it truly defines what it means to enter a new incredible place that wouldn’t be possible without VR. Find a quiet moment to visit the Night Cafe, and be sure to stay for the surprise at the end.

Gold Games: $100,000


Submission and Build

DRIFT is the first bullet simulator we’ve played. From your perspective as a bullet, time is dilated – it becomes “bullet time”. Use your head to guide your path around obstacles, slowing time further in the toughest spots. Test your reflexes until you find your target — that green man is never quite where you expect him to be!

Daydream Blue

Submission and Build

In Daydream Blue, you’ll go camping with your pet robot at a lake, where you’re constantly rewarded for curiosity. Skip rocks to make music at night, lay down (literally) on a raft by day to enjoy the clouds, or enjoy a simple game of fetch with your little robot buddy whose enthralled “beep-boo!” is hard to resist.

Gold Apps or Experiences: $50,000

Colosse A Story in Virtual Reality

Submission and Build

Colosse demonstrates the power of storytelling in VR. In this preview version, you meet one of the Great Spirits known as the Colosse. To balance immersion with story engagement, this short uses gaze to ensure events happen at times that make sense for you. Seamless and beautiful, we can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Along the Trail

Submission and Build

Along the Trail is a beautiful blend of storytelling and data visualization, all based on information you’ve shared through social media. This peaceful environment facilitates reflection and reliving memories, which can be especially powerful for those coping with loss or painful life experiences.

Silver Games: $50,000

Scorched Battalion

Submission and Build

Scorched Battalion is the perfect blend of tabletop warfare, first-person tank battles, and well-played humor.

Neuralgia VR

Submission and Build

Combine the minds of two people to collect clues and solve puzzles in this asymmetrical co-op game.


Submission and Build

In Panopticon, it’s your job as the jailer to scan the cells and watch for illicit activities. Use your voice or a whistle to put a stop to it.


Submission and Build

Solve puzzles, match objects to gain clues in the stars, and guide your carpet through a vibrant city.

Silver Apps or Experiences: $30,000

Soundscape VR

Submission and Build

Create music in a jam session with up to two other people by using an online matchmaking system.

Speech Center

Submission and Build

Improve your speaking skills as Speech Center coaches you through a hostile audience and scanning attention around the room.

Bronze Games: $10,000

Atop the Wizard’s Tower

Submission and Build

Control the elements to keep back the hordes of enemies roaming across your land from your seat atop the Wizard’s Tower.

Maiden Chaos VR

Submission and Build

In this top-down shooter, you take control of AKI, a half-robotic female operative, as she storms a droid-filled military compound.

Audio Arena

Submission and Build

Enemies are spawned on the beat of the music, and hitting power ups will thin the crowd. Increase your score by bursting these on the beat.


Submission and Build

PhaseShift is a 2.5D Cinematic platformer action/adventure featuring unique stylized 3D retro pixel art.

Captain Clark Adventures

Submission and Build

Captain Clark Adventures is a “look-and-tap” adventure game in VR, where you solve puzzles to escape the pirates that captured you.

Technolust: Thought Crimes

Submission and Build

Take the role of a security professional charged with maintaining order in the dystopian cyberpunk universe of Technolust.


Submission, Build (VR/mouse), and Build (Phone/cat)

In Polo, you play a mouse in VR while a friend on the same wifi network plays the cat hunting you using a top-down interface on a phone.


Submission and Build

Begin your training as a witch with your first lesson in “potion-making for outcasts”. Wendy is a light-hearted game with magic, puzzles, and a great cat.

Blind Swordsman

Submission and Build

With hearing as your only sense remaining, attempt to take out the assassins circling you before they get to close. Headphones are required for this game!

Double Destruction

Submission, Build (VR), and Build (phone)

Smash your way to victory, while a friend on a separate phone helps light your path and protect you from ghosts.

Bronze Apps or Experiences: $10,000

DMZ: Memories of No Man’s Land

Submission and Build

DMZ is an interactive documentary experience where you explore the Korean Demilitarized Zone through the memories of a soldier.

NeoS: The Universe

Submission and Build

NeoS makes abstract concepts of scale, from atoms to galaxies, come to life as you swipe through orders of magnitude.

House of Languages

Submission and Build

In House of Languages, you’ll learn new language vocabulary in a fun and engaging environment.

Tana Pura

Submission and Build

Tana Pura is a symphony as captivating for your eyes as it is for your ears.

Community’s Choice Game: $10,000

The Bouncinator

Submission and Build

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