Orcs Must Die! Unchained: Update 2.6 Expands Survival Mode With Crafting & New Map

The latest update to Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! Unchained shines a spotlight on PvE mode ‘Survival’. Alongside the new map, ‘Surrounded’, the mode is receiving a crafting system which allows players to work on potions, scrolls and guardians using materials they gather on the maps. Whilst the former help out players with buffs, the robust guardians act as placeable NPCs who can be set down on the designated areas on the battlefield in order to add another tactical component to the game.


Enemy waves coming from all directions: new Survival map “Surrounded”

The new map ‘Surrounded’ promises a whole new level of PvE fun. As time progresses, more and more openings appear on the map, enabling access for the charging minions – who initially can be diverted into chosen routes using barricades, ensuring that they traipse straight into the traps. Newly introduced environmental traps help master the wild hordes: with a single shot, hanging cauldrons of lava tip and pour the glowing fluid onto your enemies. To keep things toasty, players now also have the option to select from four different difficulty levels in Survival mode.

In addition, Robot Entertainment has given the talent system an overhaul as well as continuing to tighten the balancing screw for close PvP matches. The full list of changes can be viewed in the patch notes: http://board.omd.gameforge.com/board3-news-announcements-and-guidelines/board9-patch-notes/3843-patch-2-6-surrounded/#post20268


An overview of the most important features in update 2.6:

+ New Survival map “Surrounded”

+ Crafting in Survival mode enables production of potions, scrolls, traps and guardians

+ Reworked talent system

+ 4 difficulty levels in Survival mode




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