RIDE – Boni At Gamestop Revealed

Milstone revealed the Pro-Order-Boni for their upcoming racing game RIDE, if you purchase the game at Gamestop (germany). All Pre-Orderer at Gamestop (germany) get the exclusive Yamaha-DLC-package. This DLC incl. 2015’s Yamaha Bikes models like the YZF-R1, YZF-R1M, YZF-R6. Milstone released a trailer to show you what you can get. Enjoy the video below.

Milstone also announced the Yamaha Historical Bikes DLC which will incl. the YZF-R7 from 1998, the YZF-R1 from 2002 and the YZF-R1 from 1998. The second DLC will be available on March 20th, which means on release-date of this game.

For gamers who don’t pre-order, the DLC packs will be available to download from Day 1 for €3.99 each, or with the purchase of the Season Pass(€19.99 for PS4, PS3 and Windows PC).




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