Viking Christmas Comes to Valhalla Hills

Even the Vikings get into the Christmas spirit with a new update to Valhalla Hills, the strategy game from Daedalic and Funatics. This latest update brings seasonal decoration to the Viking villages.

And, perhaps more importantly, parts of the mountain are now shrouded in the Fog of War, making those parts invisible to the player. What is hidden there? Only the boldest will find out!

The update is available now, and will automatically download upon launching the game.


Valhalla Hills Update Notes 1.02.00


Fog of war

  • Parts of the mountain are covered in fog. Who knows what’s hidden behind it? Find out!

Goat breeding

  • You can now breed livestock (only goats at the moment). A lot of feeding is needed for breeding.

Changes in game design

  • The small dwelling requires less space.
  • The accumulated honor of your Vikings is displayed directly in the main menu.
  • There are more Vikings available in hard mode to storm the mountain.
  • The kitchen can now store mushroom.
  • The farmer always needs a sickle now.
  • The random mountain generator has been reworked. Now your Vikings should always be able to achieve their goal.

UI & Controls

  • The player is informed about update news ingame.
  • You can now click on a building in path building mode and begin or end a path at the entrance.
  • Deleted messages are not displayed again.
  • The UI can be scaled to 150%.
  • Scroll bars in the options menu are displaying the current value.
  • The camera movement takes rotation movement into account.
  • Camera movement now takes camera angle into account.
  • Placing paths is not longer restrained when selecting Vikings.
  • The (hidden and incomplete) controller-support is deactivated. You can now connect your controller with external programs without problems.
  • Renaming Vikings in the Vikings overview can be cancelled by pressing ESC. When starting a new game it remembers if the last one was free or normal and set your choice as default.

Other changes

  • Updated Unreal Engine to version 4.10.
  • Felled trees leave stumps.
  • The buildings have a Christmas-y touch and are decorated!




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