Forza Horizon 2 review

ForzaHorizon 2 is a classical racing game. The game’s story is kept very simple but creates a great atmosphere.

It’s the players aim to become the Champion of the Horizon competition. Therefore the player takes part in a championship which consitst of 4 races. Their locations are spread over the huge map. You can decide what you want to do next.

The player has to win 15 championships but there are 168 to choose from. Everything is included in here from races with smaller vehicles to pickups, sportscars, coupes and oldtimers. Sadly inovations are missing in those races. Races take place in laps or on defined courses.

The Races which have passages outside the asphalt street are outstandingly enjoyable. Unfortunately there are only 5 show races available for the player. In which he has to for example challenge a train to a duel. After every race the player gains experience points and credits. Experience points are awarded with the use of a slotmachine.

With this slotmachine the player can win more credits or vehicles. Other cars can be found around the map. If its the players wish to switch into one of them he can accomplish different missions. The game has also a skill menu. In this menu we can change collected bonuses into skills, for example a permanent discount on all vehicles.

The driving itself strongly reminds us of its antecessor. It is therefore a good mix of arcade and simulation. For beginners there are a few electronical driving aids which can be activated at any point in time. Setting up your car can also be applied. Besides the Forza-Paint-Editor the player can start tuning his car easily. The Drivatar-System was assumed from Forza Motorsport 5. That means that the player can race against bots which adopt the driving skills of other players. The dynamic weather system influences the handling of the cars.

In the multiplayer mode the gamer has the chance to drive against up to 11 other competetors. Just one click is enough to change into the onlineworld. The gamer can choose between the racing mode and the free ride option. The host has the possibility to start an event and change the weather if he wants to. Players can also affiliate themselves to clubs. Those clubs can contain up to a 1000 players. Special challenges are available for those clubs.

The games looks incredible and has a lot of details. This is supported by 1080p and 30fps. The weather effects also look very good and the switch from sunlight to night creates a great amount of light effects and underlines the atmosphere. The vehicle models are looking excellent and rich in detail. The damage model is also integrated into the game. Besides the sound effects of the cars the game’s soundtrack is fitting. A total amount of 7 radiostations are available for the driver.

This game is as good as any racing game out there. All the elements are put together nicely and create a fantastic overall picture.
Generally speaking the game never gets boring because all the missions are diversified and there is always something to do. The gameplay is outstanding. The great amount of variations create an individual experience. Sadly the game is missing a splitscreen mode. The enhanced open world of the game is a positive feature. Unfortunately the game is not as diversified as its antecessor . We think this game is one of the best XBox One titles in the racing genre. We strongly recommend buying this game since the fun factor is there for a long period of time.

Tested and written by Lias Kudla & Marcel Krafczyk

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