Minimum review

Minimum is an online first person shooter. This game contains enjoyable elements from MOBA games and RPG‘s. It was developed by HumanHead (Prey, Rune). The publisher is Atari.

Players could be shocked if they start the game for the first time. We are accustomed to the fact that big shooters like Battlefield are coming with high-end graphics. Minimum has a very simple style, but the game is not ugly. The sound is good but could be a little more banging and the controls are great. The movement is smooth and fast all over the map, you can roll and jump around easily and attack enemies.

Players can choose all kinds of weapons in Minimum, from assault rifles up to rocket launchers. For melee attacks players can choose a katana. The melee attacks in this game are very strong. Players can also use grenades or stationary weapons. These weapons are machine guns or flamethrowers and can be placed on the entire map. They automatically shoot enemies.

Crafting is very important in minimum. After every match, collected materials can be used for new weapons or gadgets. Players can craft within matches, too. Defeated enemies, cannon towers or creeps can drop goods to build armor.

Minimum contains three game modes, classic Team-Deathmatch, the Horde-Mode and the Titan-Mode. The TDM-Mode is fast and makes a lot of fun – in short: IT ROCKS! The Horde-Mode should also be widely known. Here you have to survive waves of enemies. Players are attacked by Ninjas, Dinosaurs and other enemies.

The special feature of Minimum is the Titan-Mode. Two teams are playing against each other here and every few minutes a Titan spawns. These Titans automatically run to the enemy’s base. Now players both have to protect their own Titan and try to destroy the other one at the same time. Each team has two defensive rows which are blocked by a wall. This wall can only be teared down by the Titans. So players have to make sure that those Titans survive as long as possible. If both Titans fall creeps are spawning.
Players must now kill as many of them as possible and collect their remains to recall the Titan again. When finally the walls fall the attack on the reactor begins. If players destroy the enemies reactor, they will win.

Minimum doesn’t cost very much, but we found an Ingame Shop in the menu. At the time of testing there were only skins to buy. Don’t worry, no Pay2Win equipment is available until now.

For a small budget you can get a great gaming experience with minimum. We think, fans of fast ego-shooters should give the game a chance.

Tested and written by Lias Kudla & Marcel Krafczyk

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