Hired Ops – Сharacter Leveling System

Soldiers of Fortune! We present to you the first info on the character leveling system of Hired Ops.


The players will be able to upgrade their mercenaries, investing skill points and credits in the development, opening up the different skills according to their choice. They will be able to choose their specialization, taking on one of the four upgrade branches -Sniper, Stormtrooper, Scout and Destroyer.


By leveling up and receiving 1 skill point for every level gained, they shall invest these points into the character upgrade until it reaches the Super Skill of their specialization. After that, the remaining three branches will be blocked for upgrade, but the selected branch will open the abilities and weapons unique for this specialization. When the character graduates into professional class, his appearance will change as well.


Moreover, there are two other auxiliary branches of upgrade – pistols and modifications. You can take them on to augment the main specialization, as well as skills from other specializations, but only up to the Super Skills. Also, the skills can be reset and skill points redistributed at any time between the fights.

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